4 Bad Reasons to Miss Out on Europe This Year

Bad reasons shouldn't hold you back.

— -- Back in 2009, the New York Times reported "shockingly" low fares to Europe.

The report showed prices from a few sites (including my own) such as New York to Paris for $392 round-trip.

Yet some don’t want to go to Europe. Here are four bad reasons that shouldn't hold you back:

1. You’re Cheap

You love to boast about how much you save, so a Boston to Brussels deal for $382 round-trip might be right up your alley.

2. You Like to Fly Favorite Airlines

While it’s true that many of the current best deals to Europe are offered by discount carriers like Icelandair, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Wow Air, there are nearly as many good deals on airlines you’re more familiar with and here are some examples (again, prices were found last week):

Tip: Always compare fares on an airfare comparison site (there are many, including my own) because you never know which airline will have the cheapest fares.

3. You Don't Like Crowds

Travel in winter and enjoy the significantly shorter lines outside the Uffizi Gallery or the Louvre.

According to British tourism statistics, the number of visitors to the U.K. in the first quarter of 2016 (January to March) was about 7.5 million. From April to June, the figure jumped to just a hair under 10 million and although the complete summer figures aren’t yet available, you know they’re staggering.

- Fly in February: $513
- Fly in July: $783

Tip: If you’re flying as a family of four on a trip in the example above, flying during summer will cost you more than $1,000 more than winter travel.

4. You've Already Been to Europe

So what if you can’t speak the language? Learn a few words, meet some people, get off the beaten path; my experience is that most people like people who take the trouble to come and see their native treasures.

Tip: You’ll never regret exploring a new city or country; you will regret not taking advantage of what may be once-in-a-lifetime deals to Europe.

Rick Seaney is the CEO of FareCompare, a website that curates the best deals on flights from around the world. Any opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author.

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