Dad Spoofs Jason Bourne With Hilarious (Baby) 'Bjorn Identity' Video

David Freiheit, of Montreal, created the funny spoof using parenting puns.

“The funny thing is I got the Bjorn and the pun came to my head one day and then I wanted to work the pun into the plot of the movie,” Freiheit told ABC News of what inspired him to put the dad angle on the famous film series. “When you become a parent, you develop overnight a whole new set of skills you’ve never had before.”

These superpower skills include surviving solely off just the leftovers your kids leave behind after meals and “actually functioning when you’re totally sleep-deprived,” he explained.

Freiheit, a lawyer by day, said the video took about a month to shoot. The idea for the spoof came to him as he’s been wearing his trusty Baby Bjorn much more recently after the birth of his newborn son, Ethan.