DIY Football Field Rug for Super Bowl Sunday

Make your living room Super Bowl ready with a decorative football field rug.

ByABC News
January 19, 2016, 7:01 AM

— -- When you’re hosting friends and family on Super Bowl Sunday, creating a themed rug to serve as the focal point can help your space feel festive. With just a few materials and an added football for flair, you can transform any ordinary room so your guests can cheer on their favorite teams!

Follow the instructions below to make the rug yourself.


    • Artificial Grass

    • White Duct Tape

    • Scissors

    • Measuring Tape


    1. Measure artificial grass: Use the measuring tape to determine how large you want your rug to be.

    2. Trim to desired size: Cut the artificial grass with scissors to make it fit your floor.

    3. Decorate with tape: Create lines and numbers with the white duct tape, adding them to the artificial grass one-by-one.

    4. Place on floor: Find an ideal spot to place your brand new football field rug -- and enjoy!