Heartwarming Video of Dog's Rescue Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Aaron the dog was sleeping under cars in a parking lot for seven months.

September 14, 2015, 11:06 AM

— -- After seven months of living in a parking lot under the blazing California sun, Aaron the terrier's heartwarming rescue was captured on camera hours before being brought into foster care.

"We have no idea where he came from," Eldad Hagar told ABC News. "He lived in kind of a scary part of town. It's important for me to show these video and show these animals deserve to be in a home, sitting on a couch, watching TV. He’s initially shy around strangers because it’s been a while since he’s been touched by humans.

"Once you sit with him for three minutes, he’s so cute, but you need to give him that chance."

PHOTO: Aaron the dog was sleeping under cars in a parking lot for seven months.
Aaron the dog was sleeping under cars in a parking lot for seven months.
Hope for Paws

Hager, who is the founder of Hope for Paws in Los Angeles, said he and his assistant received a call about a sick, homeless dog who had found refuge outside a medical clinic for over half a year.

On July 13, Hagar said he made him way to retrieve the frightened animal, who for over an hour, ran away from his rescuers.

"[Aaron] was initially very scared," he said. "You couldn’t really tell the video how pink he was, but he lost a lot of his hair and he was miserable. It's kind of unpleasant to see how he freaks out because he wasn’t touched in all these months. These animals, their only reactions is to run away. For all he knows he's fighting for his life.

"I just want people to think about it as 10 seconds of an extreme stress for a lifetime of happiness."

Following his rescue, Hagar brought Aaron to the hospital where he was bathed, provided with medical treatment and sent to live in foster care.

"Now we’re looking for a home," Hagar said. "He just tested negative for mange and now he’s ready for adoption."

Hagar filmed Aaron's rescue and posted on YouTube Sept. 5, where it racked up over 500,000 views.

Hagar said he hopes the video helps Aaron find a forever home.

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