Jennie Garth’s Four Easy Tips to Decorate Your Home

The "90210" actress did a home remodel and shares what she learned.

— -- Actress Jennie Garth is best known for having starred in the iconic “Beverly Hills, 902010,” but now she’s taking on home improvement.

In “The Jennie Garth Project,” a series on HGTV, viewers follow along as the 42-year-old actress purchases a dated Hollywood Hills home and renovates it for herself and her three children.

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Garth appeared on “Good Morning America” on Thursday to share the knowledge she’s gained while remodeling her home.

Here are some of her suggestions for sprucing up a home:

Jennie’s Tips

1. Barn Doors. Interior barn doors add privacy without taking up floor space. They’re easy to install and can be done in just one weekend. You can use recycled or new doors to suit your budget, and you can choose traditional, rustic or contemporary hardware finishes to complement your style. You can chose either a single door that slides from one side to the other; a bi-parting door, consisting of two doors that meet in the middle; or a bypassing door, in which two doors are mounted inside a frame and slide one behind the other.

2. DIY Medicine Cabinet. Medicine cabinets are a great way to solve storage situations in the bathroom, and they are easily installed, simple do-it-yourself projects. Choose a medicine cabinet that stands out in the same way that a piece of art does – especially if you consider adding a fun graphic pattern to the cabinet. Adding wallpaper inside a medicine cabinet also adds character and style. Check flea markets and garage sales for old medicine cabinets and spruce them up, then install them to enhance your space with vintage charm. You can also buy new medicine cabinets at a local home improvement or bath and bed specialty stores.

3. Tile, tile, tile. Adding a glass tile backsplash to your bathroom is easier than you think, and it provides a way to bring contemporary class to any bathroom remodeling project. Consider using a laser level to save time on large tile projects, and, to personalize your project, add a tile border to complete the look. You can also revamp your existing tiles with tile paint and a grout pen.

4. Custom Artwork. Create meaningful artwork that reflects your personality and life, and make sure to get your family involved so they can put their stamp on the space as well. Creating your own artwork is much cheaper than purchasing works from a gallery. Another idea is to get out some of your children’s old artwork, copy and enlarge it, and then frame it or decoupage it onto a canvas and display it in your home.

Click HERE for Jennie's step-by-step video tutorial for making a contemporary bookshelf.