Mom and 6 sons cut their hair, donate it to kids in need

Phoebe Kannisto and her sons donated 17 feet of hair!

— -- One family in Cheektowaga, New York donated more than 17 feet of hair to an organization that helps kids in need.

Phoebe Kannisto along with her six sons -- 10-year-old Andre, 8-year-old twins Silas and Emerson and her 5-year-old triplets Herbie, Reed and Dexter -- ventured to a local hair salon, Hizair Hair Salon, to do the big chop.

Kannisto, who has donated her hair since she was a teenager, decided to get her children involved in 2015.

Kannisto said although her younger children "have a simpler grasp on the concept, they understand that they’re helping sick kids who don’t have hair and can’t grow hair."

And because it's a family affair, they're already gearing up for their next donation as Kannisto's youngest child -- 2-year-old Marah Taylor -- wants to donate.

"We promised her we'd all go again so she could do it with us," the mom added with a laugh.

Kannisto said it's imperative for her to donate to kids who are fighting cancer, in particular, since her husband is a cancer research scientist.

"Cancer hits close to home for everybody," she said. "Everybody knows someone who’s affected by cancer."