Mustached Cop Gives Rescued Kitten New Forever Home With His 7 Other Pets

The kitten was found underneath a dumpster in the rain in South Carolina.

— -- One kitten is resting easy with a new forever home after a police officer rescued her from under a dumpster in the rain on Saturday in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“Another officer had found her in the rain under a trash dumpster and brought her into the department,” Spartanburg cop Cody Garrett, 28, told ABC News. “I offered to take her because I have another rescue at home who is currently nursing her four kittens.”

Garrett snapped a photo with the pint-sized kitten, now named Squirt. The pic has earned more than 2 million views in just two days.

The self-proclaimed animal lover can’t believe how much attention his precious little Squirt has gotten and is happy to report she’s doing well with her new “adopted mom,” his first rescue cat named Toothless.

“Toothless was actually smaller than Squirt when we found her in our yard last year,” he explained. “My son and I were playing in the yard and I almost stepped on Toothless. She couldn't even walk she was so tiny. We nursed Toothless back to health and she had four kittens three weeks ago.”

The timing worked out perfectly for Garrett to take Squirt home so she could be nursed back to health.

Little Squirt is now “doing great” and gaining strength every day.

“She’s playing with her new brothers and sisters and they’re all taking to each other,” said Garrett. “She wanders around the house and she already looks 100 times better than when we found her.”

Squirt does have a pretty big family now as Garrett also has two dogs, in addition to Toothless and her four kittens.

“My girlfriend is OK with it,” he joked about his extensive pet list.