Photographer Captures Humans and Dogs Dancing Together

Photographer Bego Antón captures handlers and their dogs who love to dance.

In the video, Carolyn, dressed as Sandy, dances with her furry friend. When Antón saw this video, she knew immediately what her new project would be: "Everybody Loves to ChaChaCha.”

Antón discovered that this type of choreographed performance in which a dog and human move to music together is known as Musical Canine Freestyle. According to The World Canine Freestyle Organization, musical canine freestyle began in 1989 in Canada and eventually caught on in Europe and the United States. Antón met with some of the handlers and dogs that participate in this sport.

“Everybody loves to Chachacha” is the result of intimate portraits, personal stories and a short documentary on the lives of these teams that Antón witnessed. When Antón was asked if she thought these people were perhaps a bit dog crazy, Antón responded: "They are not crazy at all. They practice an uncommon sport and that is what makes them special, but the minute you spend a moment with them, you realize they are normal people. The only thing they are doing is having fun with their pets.”