Ring Cam Gives New Perspective to Marriage Proposals

The ring cam was created by four college classmates from Michigan

ByABC News
July 25, 2014, 10:18 AM

— -- A new invention dreamed up by four college classmates promises to change the way brides-to-be remember their marriage proposals forever.

Ring Cam is a jewelry box that has a tiny camera built into it, so that when the groom-to-be gets down on bended knee, his love's hopefully ecstatic response is captured on camera.

“Only the person proposing actually knows it’s there and so you’re able to capture that genuine element of surprise,” one of Ring Cam's inventors, Scott Brandonisio, told ABC News.

Brandonisio and three of his classmates at Hope College in Holland, Mich., came up with the idea to put a camera inside a jewelry box last year as several of their friends were planning to get engaged. They created the product for a school engineering design project and then further developed it when they received positive feedback from the first couples who tested it.

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“When we got that video back, we were blown away,” Brandonisio said. “Again, we go, this couple is going to have this moment for the rest of their lives.”

The company launched in October 2013. The Ring Cam is available online for purchase for $249.00 or $99 to rent it. The company also offers packages to edit the videos, ranging in price from $99 to $109.

“When we realized that this is something that people actually want, this is something that can actually help people capture that special moment, it was awe inspiring,” Brandonisio said.

The Ring Cam inventors are next taking their product to the ABC entrepreneurial reality competition show “Shark Tank,” where they hope to compete in the show's next season.

In the meantime, Ring Cam-using couples like Will Franks and Susanna Porter are enjoying watching the replay of their proposal over and over.

“This is such a special moment, so to be able to capture that is kind of beyond words,” Will Franks told ABC News.

“I was so shocked and it was the happiest moment of my life and it was captured right there on video," said his fiance, Susanna.