Watch Cat Try to Dig His Way Out of Snow Drift

Rudiger the cat faced a 4-foot wall of snow outside his front door

February 9, 2015, 11:52 AM

— -- A resourceful and determined cat was captured on camera attempting to escape from a giant snow drift.

Rudiger the cat can be seen in a YouTube video at first assessing a 4-foot tall snow drift in the doorway of his owner's home.

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"He loves to be outside," Rudiger's owner, James Gilfoy, told ABC News. "If ever we open the door he is just there, ready to run out."

"This time he was pretty surprised by it," said Gilfoy, a New Brunswick resident who adopted Rudiger two years ago from a shelter.

Rudiger spent many minutes, according to Gilfoy, pawing and pawing at the snow -- knocking some if it away but still leaving a giant, snowy obstacle in his path.

Eventually Rudiger decided to try another tactic and attempted to jump over the snow drift, but that failed too.

"I just eventually lifted him up and placed him outside," said Gilfoy. "He was kicking so much snow into the house."

While Rudiger enjoyed playing outside in the snow, it was Gilfoy who got stuck with the cleanup.

"I had to shovel all the snow back out of the house," he said.

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