WATCH: Dog Brings Toys to Crying Baby

Charlie's owners say the video was not staged.

ByABC News
July 21, 2014, 11:39 AM

— -- A viral video shows that not only are dogs man’s best friend, they are also baby whisperers too.

When Charlie, a beagle with his own YouTube and Facebook pages, steals a toy from baby Laura while she is bouncing in her bouncy chair, the inevitable happens. Laura begins to cry.

Charlie senses her anger and brings the toy back. Laura stops crying but Charlie does not.

In a nearly two-minute video captured by Laura’s parents and Charlie’s owners, Charlie can be seen getting toys from near and far and dumping them in Laura’s lap as she bounces, at one point even nearly covering the baby’s face.

Laura’s parents, who say they speak Polish, confirmed on Facebook on Sunday that Charlie really does bring Laura her toys and that the video was not staged.

“When Charlie takes any of the Laura's toys he always gives it back,” they wrote on Charlie's Facebook page. “We keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring it to her (WITHOUT ASKING).”

“What's [sic] why we decided to record these moments and put it all together to one video!” the post continued. “It wasn't planned or staged.”

The video, posted in April, has more than 4 million views.

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