10 Instagram Photos That Show Aaron Schock's High-Flying Lifestyle

The Republican congressman resigned today.

ByABC News
March 17, 2015, 4:35 PM

— -- Rep. Aaron Schock built much of his public profile using social media, and while -- unlike other congressmen -- his online presence did not cause his undoing, it did showcase the high-flying lifestyle that led to his demise.

The Illinois Republican’s resignation comes amid questions about his spending habits that started when it was reported that an interior designer had used the British aristocratic drama Downton Abbey as the inspiration for the motif. The inquiries then spread into how he solicited donations and spent taxpayer money on travel.

The 33-year-old appealed to a younger audience not only with his shirtless spreads in exercise magazines but he also used his social media accounts to show his great seats at music awards shows and meetings with celebrities.

Here are some highlights from his four terms, as told through his Instagram posts.

Schock was proud of his social media presence, and even posted a photo of himself showing Pope Francis an earlier post from a visit to the pope's hometown parish in Argentina.

Not one to sit on the sidelines, Schock showed that he could dance while on said trip to Argentina.

He posed while Ariana Grande puckered in this snap.

Schock attended several music awards shows during his time in office, including the Country Music Awards, where he took a photo with Steven Tyler.

When you can't get right next to the stars, backstage is the next best thing.

Schock shared vacation snaps with his 17,800,000 followers, including photos from his trip to Turkey, where he was seen posing with a mystery woman while wearing a Gucci belt.

Physical fitness was always a frequent point of conversation in the congressman's interviews. In this Instagram video posted in June, he tried to tie in a plug for Illinois tourism.

With his #whoneedshawaii hashtag, it looks like he was referencing an earlier trip that he took to the Aloha State.

Lady Antebellum made a stop on Capitol Hill, and Schock was there to greet them.

Schock's trips, including one to Sea Island, a resort in Georgia, will likely be examined in light of the questions of his expenditures. He posted a photo from the American Enterprise Institute conference that he attended there, alongside Apple CEO Tim Cook.