2020 Nevada caucus election results

ABC News projects Sen. Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Nevada caucuses.

ByABC News
February 29, 2020, 3:44 PM

ABC News has projected Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to be the winner of the Nevada caucuses.

The second caucuses of the primary season, and the first nominating contest in the West, took off on Feb. 22 in Nevada.

The Democratic contenders were vying for 36 delegates.

ABC News estimates Bernie Sanders will be awarded 24 delegates, Joe Biden will be awarded nine delegates and Pete Buttigieg will be awarded three delegates.

Nevada Democrats implemented an early voting period from Feb. 15 to Feb. 18 to expand accessibility to the ballot box for Nevadans prior to caucus day, which made the Silver State the first of the four early contests with such voting.

In 2019, the Nevada GOP voted to officially forgo the 2020 presidential caucus as part of a broad effort by the Republican National Committee to give "undivided support" to the president.

Because of this, ABC News estimated President Donald Trump will receive 100% of the 25 GOP delegates.

State Significance

Nevada was the first state on the Democratic calendar with significant turnout among minority voters-- groups which comprised more than a third of caucus-goers in 2016. During that cycle, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toppled Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 52.6% to 47.3%, securing another early victory for her campaign before ultimately securing the nomination.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump bested the rest of the crowded 2016 GOP field winning 45.9% of the vote.

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