Meet Joe Biden's Future Son-in-Law

Meet the man who is about to be the newest member of the Biden family.

ByABC News
June 1, 2012, 12:18 PM

— -- You won't see him in the halls of power in Washington, but he would come in handy if you have an earache.

The Vice President's daughter Ashley, 31, is getting married this Saturday at a picturesque Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del., St. Joseph's of the Brandywine. Biden, a social worker, is marrying Dr. Howard Krein, 45.

What's his resume?

Dr. Krein is double board certified in otolaryngology and plastic surgery and earned a Ph.D in biology. In addition to being a practicing physician, he is an assistant professor of facial, plastic, and reconstructive surgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Krein is also chief medical officer of Organized Wisdom, a company that his brother founded to provide digital solutions for health professionals.

The outgoing president of Thomas Jefferson University, Robert Barchi, said, "Howard Krein is an outstanding physician and a wonderful teacher."

Krein accepts Medicaid patients, and he spends several weeks each year operating on underprivileged children around the world during medical missions for International Hospital for Children.

When he was presented with a case too complex for the local mission in Belize, he arranged at no cost for the life saving removal of a tumor of a young island boy at Jefferson Hospital. Our local affiliate was there to record the story.

He also volunteers his services to Faces of Honor, which operates on soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and provides assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Krein is not your stereotypical scholarly doctor. Talking to his patients, it is clear that he is revered for his warm bedside manner. One patient said, "The best thing about losing my hearing is having Dr. Krein as a doctor."

In an interview for Jefferson Hospital's website, Krein mentioned that he was a volunteer fireman and competed in rodeos in his youth. He considered his ability to think outside the box his greatest attribute in the same video.

The nervous groom personally asked that no details of the wedding be revealed until afterward because the couple wants to be surprised.

"Many elements of the wedding are a surprise to Ashley, and Ashley has kept some elements from me," said Krein, a Cherry Hill, N.J. native. He did not say any more.

Respecting the groom's request, only minimal details have been revealed. The bride will wear a dress designed by Vera Wang, the go-to designer of wedding gowns for celebrities (she designed both of Chelsea Clinton's bridal gowns.)

The reception, limited to family and friends, will be held at the vice president's Greenville, Del. home. Ashley and her mother, Dr. Jill Biden, toured the Philadelphia International Flower Show earlier this year to get ideas for the wedding.

A rabbi will be in attendance, likely because Krein's parents, who are active supporters of Israel and have recently visited the Jewish state. There will be a two-week honeymoon to a destination unknown.

Krein is already adept at balancing the two women in his life. When previously asked if he was interested in being interviewed for a profile of a Jewish magazine, he said, "My mother would love it. But I have to check with Ashley." The normally low profile doctor was only considering submitting to a profile "to help the kids."

The couple does not expect to be on the campaign trail this election season. Once married, they play to live a quiet, low key lifestyle. As they grow old together, Ashley will not have to worry about looking beautiful. Her new husband is an expert on Botox.

There will be family unity on election day. Krein is expected to vote for his father-in-law this November. His Jefferson colleagues assure ABC that he is an ardent Democrat.