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September 9, 2008, 4:28 AM

September 23, 2008— -- 2008: McCain and Obama:

ABC News Analysis by Gary Langer: "Voters' Economic Jitters Shake the Race in Virginia" LINK

ABC News Analysis by Gary Langer: "Blacks' Political Engagement Spikes, Though Racial Divisions Remain Deep" LINK

The Associated Press: "Presidential candidates air attack ads" LINK

ABC News Analysis by Gary Langer: "Voters' Economic Jitters Shake the Race in Virginia - Obama Holds 10-Point Lead Over McCain in Trust to Handle Economy" LINK

The New York Times' John M. Broder: "Obama Carries Uneven Record as Debater to First Contest With McCain" LINK

The New York Times' Jennifer Steinhauer: "Where Election Fault Lines Run House by House" LINK

The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman and Shailagh Murray: "A New Landscape, the Same Proposals" LINK

The Washington Post's Tim Craig and Jon Cohen: "Obama, McCain In Tight Race in Va., Poll Shows Economy Is Top Issue" LINK

The Politico's Roger Simon: "In debates, may the best actor win" LINK

The Politico's Jonathan Martin: 'Biden criticizes Obama ad hitting McCain" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler, Elizabeth Holmes and Nick Timiraos: "Candidates Keep Their Bailout Stances to Themselves - As Senators, Both Will Vote on Plan; Concept Embraced" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's June Kronholz: "Forget Election Day -- Early Voting for President Has Started" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas and Bob Drogin: "Obama, McCain continue jabs over economy" LINK

USA Today's Kathy Kiely and David Jackson: "Campaign promises unlikely to hold up in wake of bailout" LINK

USA Today's Jill Lawrence: 'Fact check: Rivals' ads low on truth" LINK

The Washington Times' Tara Wall: "Rhetorical Racism" LINK

The Washington Time's Joseph Curl: "An Electoral College Doomsday" LINK

The Hills' Sam Youngman: "Nominees Get Specific About Their Rescue Plans" LINK

2008: McCain:

ABC News' Jennifer Parker: "McCain Gaffes Could Undercut Message on Economy, Foreign Affairs" LINK

The Boston Herald's Editorial Staff: "Reform we can believe in" LINK

The New York Times' Katharine Q. Seelye: "A Scrappy Fighter, McCain Honed His Debating Style in and Out of Politics" LINK

The New York Times' Michael Cooper and Patrick Healy: "McCain, More Critical of Bailout Plan, Faults Oversight" LINK

The New York Times: "McCain Camp Takes Issue With Times Coverage" LINK

The New York Times' Nicholas Confessore: "So McCain Would Like Cuomo for the S.E.C.? New York Politicians Chew It Over" LINK

The Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin: "Palin, McCain Disagree on Causes of Global Warming" LINK

The Politico's Alexander Burns and Jim Vandehei: "McCain's love-hate NYT relationship" LINK

The Boston Globe's Foon Rhee: "McCain picking up ground in N.H." LINK

The Boston Globe's Sasha Issenberg: "Media matters for McCain" LINK

The Associated Press: "Brazilian woman finds fame as McCain's old flame" LINK

Bloomberg's Jonathan D. Salant and Timothy J. Burger: 'McCain Transition Head Lobbied for Freddie Mac Before Takeover" LINK

The Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "McCain Ad Links Obama to Old Chicago Corruption" LINK

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro: "Reformist McCain Tackles Wall Street" LINK

The Hills' Susan Crabtree: "Gopers Want Mccain's Help On Earmarks" LINK

The Hills' Michael O'Brien: "House GOP Backs Off Immigration, Avoids Openly Questioning Mccain" LINK

2008: Obama:

ABC News' John Berman: "In Tight Race, Obama Pulls Ahead in Virginia Battleground" LINK

The Boston Herald's Joe Dwinell: Wall Street shockwaves buoy Barack Obama's campaign" LINK

The Boston Herald: "UMass chaplain fails in effort to boost Barack Obama's chances" LINK

The Boston Herald's Dick Morris and Eileen McGann: "Obama may break bent economy" LINK

The Associated Press: "Obama promises clean government in Wisconsin stop" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos: "Obama Balances Crisis With Fund Raising" LINK

USA Today's Susan Page and William Risser: "Obama's rise spotlights gains in race relations" LINK

Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla: "Obama Targets Hispanics in Nevada, Market Crisis 'Ground Zero'" LINK

2008: BIDEN:

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Biden Distances Self From Obama-Biden Ad" LINK

The Washington Post's Kevin Merida: "His Kind of Town - Scranton Loves Biden, but Can It Warm to Obama?" LINK

The Politico's Andy Barr: "Bill: Hillary was best VP pick 'politically'" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Faye Fiore: "In-your-face time with Joe Biden" LINK

2008: NADER:

The Boston Globe's Foon Rhee: "Nader calls on supporters to get him into debate" LINK

2008: Palin:

ABC News' Rhonda Schwartz and Justin Rood: "Palin to Help Investigation She Requested" LINK

ABC News' Karen Travers and Rigel Anderson: "Sarah Palin Takes Manhattan" LINK

The Associated Press: "Sarah Palin will meet world leaders at U.N. confab" LINK

The Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "Palin to Meet with World Leaders in New York" LINK

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