Ben Carson Falls From Frontrunner Status In a New National Poll

Less than half of Republicans say Carson has the experience to be President.

But now, he's locked in a battle with Rubio and Cruz, both of whom are seeing their highest support in months.

And only six in 10 say he has strong leadership qualities -- down from 76 percent of Republicans in early November. But his fall has even affected other areas: Carson has also seen double-digit drops in areas like honesty and trustworthiness and overall favorability, where Carson had been sky high.

Carson's 25-point lead against Clinton last month among independents has disintegrated to just a single point, while Clinton now leads Carson by 16 points among women - where they had been neck-and-neck just four weeks ago.

Still, these new national numbers come after a recent Quinnipiac poll in Iowa showed Carson giving way to Sen. Ted Cruz, who had run neck-and-neck with Donald Trump atop the polls in the crucial first-in-the-nation state.