Ben Carson Surges in Iowa, Runs New Ads in Early States

New polls show presidential candidate Ben Carson surging in Iowa.

The first ad, called "We the People," shows shots of Carson at rallies along with footage of him and his wife sharing Carson’s vision for America’s future.

“People are so concerned about their future. The future for their children, the future of our nation,” Carson says in the ad. "This country was designed around we the people. Of, for and by the people. We need a government that actually understand that and doesn’t think that it is the ruler of the people.”

The second ad has a much different feel, with Carson talking directly to the camera, comparing Washington, D.C., to a swamp.

“Did you know Washington is built on a swamp?” Carson asks. "Massive government debt, stifling regulation, special interest politics, partisan dysfunction. Washington is broken, the political class broke it. Together, we can drain the swamp and protect our children’s future.”

The new $500,000 ad buy is scheduled to run for one week. The campaign has been planning this rollout in key early states for about a month. The campaign will run ads in upcoming weeks as well and campaign officials said their future ad buys will not be small.

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