With Bernie Sanders Out, Young Adults See Third-Party Appeal (POLL)

Support for third-party candidates among young voters tough for Clinton.

See PDF with data tables here.

Still, that doesn’t mean young voters are happy about it. Just 22 percent say they’re satisfied with a choice of Clinton and Trump, with a majority “very” dissatisfied. Twice as many of those 30 and older are satisfied, 43 percent.

That dissatisfaction could influence turnout, often a concern with young adults. They account for 21 percent of all adults but just 14 percent of likely voters in the survey, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates.

These margins have changed little from before the conventions, suggesting that their unifying influence among partisans was somewhat lost on more independent young voters. Indeed, in combined data since June, 24 percent of Clinton’s young supporters in a two-way matchup move to a third-party or independent candidate in the four-way trial heat.

Such results reflect ambivalence toward Clinton among young Sanders supporters. Given a four-way race, only 53 percent of Sanders supporters age 18-29 pick Clinton (again in combined June, July and August polling), compared with 72 percent of Sanders’ supporters age 30-plus.

On the Republican side, where Trump has less support from under-30s in the first place, losing about one in seven young Trump supporters to third-party choices in a four-way contest, compared with the one in four Clinton loses. Among older Trump supporters, just one in 10 leaves him in the four-way matchup.

Notable, too, is that Clinton loses some young voters both to Johnson and Stein; Trump, to Johnson only.