Donald Trump Gets Heckled at New Hampshire Diner: 'Enjoy Your Burger, Racist!'

The presidential candidate gets heckled, "Enjoy your burger, racist!"

ByABC News
January 12, 2016, 10:35 AM
In his first real NH retail stop, Donald Trump ordered a burger at the famous Red Arrow Diner.
In his first real NH retail stop, Donald Trump ordered a burger at the famous Red Arrow Diner.
Brad Mielke

—MANCHESTER, New Hampshire -- Donald Trump made a rare retail campaign stop in Manchester, New Hampshire after a Monday rally, surprising patrons at the famous Red Arrow Diner. The Republican presidential candidate got some grub, but also something unexpected -- an earful from one patron who was clearly not a fan.

“Enjoy your burger, racist!”a young woman shouted from the back of the restaurant before walking out.

Outside, the heckler identified herself to ABC News as Jane, but declined to give her last name. She said she was visiting the state from South Carolina, and was unaware Trump would make an appearance as she enjoyed lunch.

“I’m really struck by his racism and Islamophobia,” Jane said. “I wanted to make sure people remembered that he is racist, and that he’s using it to rally voters.”

Trump’s views on immigration have sparked controversy nationwide, especially his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S. The recent removal of a Muslim woman silently protesting at a Trump rally has prompted the Council on American-Islamic Relations to demand an apology from the campaign.

Donald Trump's team did not immediately respond for comment. Late last year, as controversy swirled around his plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S., the Republican presidential candidate was asked point-blank whether he was racist. Trump responded: “I am the least racist person that you have ever met.” Asked whether Muslims posed a danger to the U.S., Trump responded "I love the Muslims. I think they are great people."

The real estate mogul has also faced struggles courting other minority groups. An ABC/Washington post poll conducted in November found 8 out of 10 Hispanics viewed Trump unfavorably.

While the diner is a standard stop for most presidential candidates, Trump has largely limited his appearances to television interviews and large rallies with supportive crowds.

“Sorry, folks, to bother you,” Trump said, as he slid into a booth next to customers who assured him he was welcome.

Trump’s appetite was that of a front-runner: he ordered a cheeseburger with fries, a ball of deep-fried macaroni and cheese, and a Diet Coke.

“You know it’s my favorite food,” he said. “I love diners.”

Asked if Granite Staters could expect more small-scale stops in the final sprint to the primary, Trump demurred, saying he had just drawn a much larger crowd in nearby Wyndham hotel.

“I’d rather be able to do that, because you can talk to more people,” he said. “Because usually when people do the small diners and everything is because they can’t get anybody to show up, to be honest with you.”

“This is just something I’ve wanted to do,” he added.

Outside the Red Arrow Diner, Jane continued to fume.

“I was shaking all over. I’m still shaking,” she admitted. "I did cry for a few seconds because it’s hard being that close to someone who can make such a difference, but know that I wasn’t able to say anything that could impact him."