Elizabeth Warren's health records show she's in 'excellent health'

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders haven't released their records yet.

According to medical records released by her campaign on Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a "very healthy 70-year-old woman."

"Senator Warren is in excellent health and has been throughout the 20 years I have served as her physician," Dr. Beverly Woo, a primary care doctor at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, wrote in the medical report. Warren has "no medical conditions or health problems that would keep her from fulfilling the duties of the President of the United States."

Woo also disclosed Warren's "only" condition is hypothyroidism, a common auto-immune condition most often in women.

"She currently takes levothyroxine 0.88 mg per day, which restores her thyroid hormone level to normal," wrote Woo, who has been Warren's doctor since 1999.

Warren's Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level, released as part of her medical records, suggests her hypothyroidism is well controlled. Results of her blood test and vital signs were within normal limits.

According to Warren's medical records, she got a flu shot in October and last got a physical in January. It was "normal." She is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 129 pounds.

The release of Warren's medical records come the day after her opponent former Vice President Joe Biden was told by a voter that he is too old to get his vote. Biden is 77.

Biden has yet to release his medical records. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., 78, also hasn't released his records. Health concerns, particularly those related to older candidates in the field, peaked when Sanders had a heart attack earlier this year that took him off the trail for several days.

Both Biden and Sanders have pledged to release their medical records ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

President Donald Trump, 73, recently began portions of his annual physical at Walter Reed Medical Center.

In February 2019, Dr. Sean Conley, the president's physician, released a memo saying the president was in "in very good health overall" and should remain so "for the remainder of his presidency and beyond."

Monica Saxena with ABC's Medical Unit contributed to this report.

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