'We’re fighting all the subpoenas': Trump on battle with House Democrats

Trump called a subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn "ridiculous."

“I say it’s enough,” the president told reporters as he left the White House Wednesday morning with first lady Melania Trump for a trip to Atlanta.

“The subpoena is ridiculous. We have been -- I have been the most transparent president and administration in the history our country by far,” Trump said, repeating his usual claim that there was collusion, no obstruction, and that any potential wrongdoing was perpetrated by Democrats.

“Mueller, I assume, for $35 million, checked my taxes, checked my financials, which are great by the way, but they checked my taxes and they checked my finances I assume,” Trump said.

But despite the president's assumption, there is no indication the president’s personal finances were a target of Mueller’s investigation, which focused on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and questions of obstruction of justice.

Asked a second time about the subpoena for McGahn and White House plans to resist, the president said “we are fighting all the subpoenas,” arguing that all the investigative efforts from congressional Democrats are politically motivated.

“These aren't like impartial people. The Democrats are trying to win 2020. They're not going to win with the people that I see, and they’re not going to win against me. The only way they can maybe luck out, and I don’t think that’s going to happen, the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense.”