Florida 2024 primary results: Trump projected to win

The former president moved to the state after leaving the White House.

March 19, 2024, 11:58 PM

Tuesday was primary day in Florida, where former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden were the only remaining major candidates in their respective parties' primaries, having clinched the 2024 Republican and Democratic nominations last week.

Trump will win the Florida Republican primary, ABC News projects. The Democratic primary was canceled as Biden was the only candidate on the ballot.

One hundred twenty-five delegates were up for grabs in the GOP primary, and 224 delegates were on the table in the Democratic primary -- and automatically awarded to Biden.

Voters could cast their ballots in person or via the mail, though all votes had to have been received by local officials by 7 p.m.

Early voting was from March 9 until Saturday.

State significance

The state, once a famously hard fought battleground for presidential candidates, has shifted more conservative in federal and some down-ballot elections since 2020.

Florida also has personal importance for Trump, who moved there after leaving the White House.