Gender pay gap in Trump administration wider than national average: The 19th

Women were earning about 69 cents on the dollar, data showed.

The gender pay gap in President Donald Trump's administration is wider than the national average, according to an analysis by The 19th, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization.

The median salary for male staffers was $106,000 compared with $72,700 for women, according to The 19th, meaning women earned about 69 cents for every $1 earned by a male counterpart, compared with a national average of about 82 cents per $1.

Both the White House and the national numbers reflect the "raw" gender pay gap, which does not adjust for experience, education, title or other factors that affect women's salaries. The Trump White House salaries are current as of June 26, and the numbers have been reported annually to Congress on July 1 since 1995, according to The 19th.

By comparison, during President Barack Obama's administration, the wage gap ranged from 84 cents on the dollar to 89 cents for women compared with men.

According to the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, the Obama administration paid women 89 cents on the dollar in 2016, compared with only 63 cents on the dollar during Trump's first year in office.

A White House official responded by noting that half of the senior leaders on the National Security Council are women, and that more women have been promoted to senior leadership roles than men under Trump. The administration also noted that the average salary for women has increased as the average salary for men has decreased.

ABC News' Elizabeth Thomas contributed to this report.