New Hampshire Tattoo Artist Offers Free 'Trump Stamps'

So far, 27 customers have gotten a tongue-and-cheek play on the “tramp stamp."

— -- One New Hampshire tattoo artist is leaving his own mark on the campaign trail and offering free “Trump Stamp” tattoos.

Bob Holmes, owner of The Clay Dragon Tattoo Parlor and Bob’s Tattoo in Seabrook, New Hampshire, and his team began offering these tattoos, as a tongue-and-cheek play on the traditional “tramp stamp,” last week and said they have had 27 happy customers so far.

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The tattoos range in style from Trump’s slogan to his portrait, and while mastering “The Donald’s” signature hairstyle isn’t easy, Holmes and his team are up for the challenge, hoping someone will ask for a lower back tattoo so they can officially make a “Trump Stamp.”

Holmes said he came up with the idea when a London-based newspaper asked if he had given anyone a tattoo of "The Donald," to which he offhandedly replied that he would “do it for free.”

Currently every employee at The Dragon Tattoo Parlor and Bob’s Tattoo is offering the Trump tattoos for free and when asked if that means they are all supporters, Holmes told ABC News, that only one employee is offering the ink solely in support of the shop, not "The Donald."