HHS's first year under Trump focused on rolling back Obamacare

Controversy over private planes at times overshadowed changes to Obamacare.

But all the HHS changes in health care policy were at times overshadowed by controversy swirling around Tom Price, Trump’s first pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services. A Politico report in September revealed that during his time as HHS Secretary, Price used private jets at taxpayers’ expense costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The story embarrassed HHS --and the Trump administration.

“I don’t like the optics,” Trump said to reporters outside the White House when asked about Price’s private jet scandal. Price didn’t last much longer -- later that day, he resigned as HHS Secretary.

The Trump administration unveiled new rules for the two largest federal programs in 2017, allowing states to fast track approval for state Medicaid changes. Still, next year HHS could face one of its most controversial departures from the Obama administration: Seema Verma, the Administrator for Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services signaled that states might be able to enforce work requirements for poor people on Mediciad.

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