Lindsey Graham Says He Had a 'Cordial' Phone Call With Donald Trump

But the South Carolina senator still won't support Trump's general election bid.

May 12, 2016, 4:51 PM

— -- Sen. Lindsey Graham said he had a “cordial, pleasant phone conversation” with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Wednesday.

But the South Carolina senator maintained that he would not support the New York real estate mogul in his general election bid.

“My position remains the same regarding both candidates running for president. I will do what I can in the Senate to help the next president. The next president will inherit a mess,” Graham said today.

Graham ruled out a Trump endorsement last week when he said he didn’t believe Trump is “a reliable Republican conservative.”

A defense hawk whose own presidential bid was focused on national security issues, Graham said his chat with Trump centered on those issues.

“I gave him my assessment about where we stand in the fight against ISIL and the long-term danger posed by the Iranian nuclear deal. He asked good questions,” he said.

Last week, Trump ripped into Graham after the senator said he wouldn't support the likely GOP nominee. "Lindsey Graham has shown himself to be beyond rehabilitation. And like the voters who rejected him, so will I!" Trump said in a written statement.