Michelle Obama's White House Kitchen Garden Includes a Vegetable You've Probably Never Heard Of

Ever heard of a kohlrabi?

— -- Ever heard of kohlrabi?

If you’re like us, probably not. But it’s one of the many vegetables grown in the White House Kitchen Garden.

“We’re gonna cook! Cook, chop, eat, celebrate!” the first lady said to the group of children.

The first lady helped children as they chopped and assembled meals made of broccoli, lettuce, snap peas and, yes, kohlrabi, which is a member of the cabbage family. The end result: chicken and veggie soba noodle salad with honey dressing straight from the White House bees.

At her harvesting event, Obama also celebrated the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move” initiative and highlighted the importance of pollinators, which have their own garden on the South Lawn.

“One out of three bites of food that we take in this country is the result of a pollinator garden somewhere,” she said.

For those garden lovers out there, here's a full list of the vegetables and fruits grown in the White House Kitchen Garden:


Pea ‘Sugar Snap’

Pea ‘Sugar Ann’

Kohlrabi ‘Kolibri’

Kohlrabi ‘Early Vienna White’

Mustard ‘Southern Giant Curled’

Pea ‘Penelope’

Onion ‘Milestone’

Lettuce ‘Mottistone’

Pea ‘Golden Sweet’


Pea ‘Sugar Sprint’

Kale ‘Lacinato’


Pea ‘Blue Podded Capucijner’

Kale ‘Early Curled Siberian’

Cabbage ‘Early Jersey Wakefield’

Carrot ‘Rouge Demi-Longue de Chantenay’

Sea Kale

Globe Artichoke

Kale ‘Early Curled Siberian’

Mustard ‘Golden Streaks’

Asian Greens


Endive ‘Dorana’

Bay ‘Hardy’



Sweet Marjoram ‘Hilltop’

French Thyme

Silver Sage

Purple Sage


Anise Hyssop

Strawberry ‘Tristar’

Brussels Sprouts ‘Churchill’

Onion ‘Red Ruby’

Arugula ‘Sylvetta’

Broccoli ‘Romanesco’

Bok Choi ‘Red Choi’

Lettuce ‘Panisse’

Collards ‘Champion’

Fennel ‘Florence’

Fennel ‘DiFerenze’

Cauliflower ‘Cheddar

Lettuce ‘Continuity’

Lettuce ‘Red Rosie’

Lettuce ‘Bath Cos’

Lettuce ‘Cherokee’

Endive ‘Dorana’

Lettuce ‘Continuity’

Lettuce ‘Forellenschluss’



Broccoli ‘Gypsy’

Pac Choi ‘Win Win Choi’

Parsley ‘Forest Green’

Peanut ‘Virginia Jumbo’

Sweet Potato ‘Beauregard’

Lavender ‘Phenomenal’

Garlic ‘Western Rose’

Garlic ‘Purple Glazer’

Garlic ‘Italian Late’

Fig ‘Marseilles’

Spearmint ‘Kentucky Colonel’


Lettuce ‘Mottistone’

Carrot ‘Sugar Snax’

Carrot ‘Merida Hybrid’

Rhubarb ‘Victoria’

Onion ‘Red Weathersfield’

Radish ‘French Breakfast’

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