Michigan Certifies Donald Trump as Winner of State's Presidential Race

A Michigan election panel certified the results today.

The Michigan State Board of Canvassers unanimously certified the election results shortly after 2 p.m. today.

This year was the first time in almost three decades that a Republican presidential candidate won the Wolverine State. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, two other Rust Belt states that helped deliver an upset White House victory to Trump, went red for the first time in roughly the same period.

Michigan's Republican governor Rick Snyder tweeted that there were "no ballot problems" in the state ahead of the likely recount.

In the state, exit polls showed that Barack Obama won 44 percent of white voters without a college degree in 2012 but that Clinton won only 24 percent of them this year. Mitt Romney's margin of victory among this group was only 109,000 votes, versus 421,000 votes for Trump.

In addition, turnout was down 16,000 votes since 2012 in counties that Clinton won, versus up 82,000 votes in counties Trump won in Michigan.

Meanwhile, Clinton's national lead now tops 2 million votes for the first time. She has garnered 64,429,062 votes, to Trump's 62,352,375, according to the most recent numbers from The Associated Press.