Erin Scott/The White House
  • Willow, the Biden family's new pet cat, wanders around the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2022, in Washington. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have added Willow, a 2-year-old, green-eyed, gray and white feline from Pennsylvania, to their pet family.
    Erin Scott/The White House
  • President Joe Biden introduced the newest Biden family dog, Commander, via Twitter on Dec. 20, 2021.
  • President Joe Biden plays with the Biden family dogs Champ, right, and Major, left, on Feb. 9, 2021 at the White House on Feb. 24, 2021 in Washington, D.C. <br><br> Champ, whom Biden said considered himself a member of the Secret Service, died in June at age 13.
    Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz
  • President Joe Biden walks with his dogs Major, front, and Champ in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Jan. 26, 2021.
    Adam Schultz/White House
  • President Barack Obama runs with his new pet dog Bo, a 6-month old male Portuguese water dog, on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington, April 14, 2009.
    Jim Young/Reuters
  • The Obama family welcomes a new puppy named Bo.
    Pete Souza/White House
  • Presidential pet Bo climbs the stairs of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, for a flight to Chicago with President Barack Obama, Aug. 4, 2010.
    Cliff Owen/AP Photo
  • Presidential dogs Sunny and Bo during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, April 21, 2014. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted thousands of people during the annual celebration of Easter.
    Olivier Douliery/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
  • President George W. Bush walks off Air Force One carrying the family pets, Barney, right, and Ms. Beazley, as he arrives at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, Aug. 13, 2006. Bush is returning to Washington after spending 11 days at his ranch in Crawford , Texas.
    Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images
  • President George W. Bush's pet dogs, Barney and Spot, step off Marine One under the guard of a U.S. Marine on the South Lawn of the White House, May 5, 2003.
    Larry Downing/Reuters
  • Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush and his wife Laura ride in the family pickup truck with their dog Spot, the daughter of George Bush Sr.'s dog Millie, Sept. 16, 2000, in Crawford, Texas.
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  • President Bill Clinton is greeted by his dog Buddy on the South Lawn of the White House, June 13,1999, in Washington. Clinton had just returned from Chicago where he spoke at a University of Chicago commencement and met with the Illinois Air National Guard.
    Mario Tama/AFP/Getty Images
  • Press photographers surround Socks, the cat that belongs to the family of U.S. President-Elect Bill Clinton, Nov. 17, 1992, outside the governor's mansion in Little Rock.
    Mike Nelson/AFP/Getty Images
  • Pres. George Bush shares a Valentine's Day card with two of his dogs.
    Susan Biddle/White House/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
  • President Ronald Reagan with his Bouvier des Flandres, Lucky, in 1985.
    Ronald Reagan Library, via National Archives via The York Times
  • First Lady Nancy Reagan cradles an early Christmas present, a King Charles spaniel, as she and President Reagan stroll along the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Dec. 6, 1985, after returning from New York. The new dog, a brother of a dog owned by National Review editor William Buckley Jr., is described as "housebroken and extremely well-mannered."
    Dennis Cook/AP Photo
  • President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter play with their dog Grits on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, after returning from church, Aug. 6, 1978.
    AP Photo
  • Pres. Ford enjoys the company of his pet golden retriever, Liberty, in the Oval Office.
    David Hume Kennerly/White House/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
  • President Richard M. Nixon smiles and pets his dogs Irish Setter 'King Timahoe,' Yorkshire Terrier 'Pasha' and French Poodle 'Vicky,' outside the White House, Washington, April 30, 1970.
    Pictorial Parade/Getty Images
  • Lawyer Richard Nixon relaxing with his poodle Vickie & his cocker spaniel Checkers in his apartment.
    Bob Gomel/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images
  • President Johnson playfully pulls on the ears of his pet beagles, Him and Her, while several men watch. Johnson claimed that the ear-pulling and subsequent yelping was harmless, and actually did the dogs good. The Chicago Humane Society protested and criticized the president for the ear-pulling, saying it was "far and away the wrong way" to treat animals.
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  • Caroline, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, John Jr. and President Kennedy vacation in this undated photo.
    AP Photo
  • President Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy with their children, Caroline and John Jr., at Camp David in Maryland, March 31, 1963. Caroline is seated on "Macaroni." The saddle on Macaroni was a gift from King Hassan II of Morocco.
    Robert Knudsen/White House Photographs/JFK Presidential Library and Museum
  • Oblivious to its palatial and imposing surroundings, Feller, a 5 week-old cocker spaniel gifted to President Truman, sits disconsolately outside its shipping case in a large corridor of the White House in Washington on Dec. 22, 1947.
    Bill Smith/AP Photo
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his car with his Scottish terrier, Fala, Feb. 7, 1941.
    Hulton Archive/Getty Images
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt with Fala, his dog, and Ruthie Bie in Hyde Park, New York, 1941.
    Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt sits behind the wheel of his car outside of his home in Hyde Park, New York, mid 1930s.
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  • President Herbert Hoover and his dog Various, Washington, 1931.
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  • Calvin Coolidge is seen with a pet dog in 1925.
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  • President Warren G. Harding plays with his dog as a photographer takes a picture of them.
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