Protesters on Both Sides of Donald Trump Debate Meet on DC Streets

PHOTO: Developer Donald Trump gestures as he announces that he seek the Republican nomination for president, June 16, 2015, in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York.PlayRichard Drew/AP Photo
WATCH Protesters Rally Outside Trump Hotel Project

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have many fans these days, but on the streets of Washington, D.C., today at least a dozen supporters showed up to give the Republican presidential candidate and real estate mogul a boost.

As Trump doubles down on his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants that have reverberated on the campaign trail over the past week, the sidewalk outside the construction site of the Trump Hotel in the nation’s capital became yet another stage in the ongoing debate about the polarizing billionaire.

“He’s a nice person,” said Clyde Dyce, who described himself as a former employee of one of Trump’s business ventures. “He’s not a racist. He was nice to me and my family.”

Dyce, along with some of his pro-Trump counterparts, were holding homemade signs with messages like “We Love Trump” and “Trump 2016.”

But they were clearly outnumbered by a much larger contingent of Trump detractors who organized a protest meant to call Trump out on his comments about Mexicans. Some even urged a halt to construction of the $200 million hotel project.

“It’s enough. It’s enough with the racial slurs, the stereotyping of Latinos,” said Roy Molina, a self-identified Republican who protested outside the hotel. “I’m ashamed, right now, of the Republican Party.”

During his presidential announcement speech, Trump said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” adding that immigrants are “bringing drugs” and are “rapists.”

Since Trump declared his run for president, he has been dropped by several of the television programs and companies that made him a household name, including NBC’s “The Apprentice,” the Miss Universe Pageant, Macy’s and Serta.

“I imagine when I go back to school next semester, it’s going to be a dirty word to say Donald Trump’s name,” said another protester, Michael Wang, a student at American University.