5 Questions With Nicolle Wallace

Her views on Clinton email, the GOP field and Sarah Palin.

Q: This week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has come under fire for her use of a personal email address during her tenure at the State Department. Do you see this specific controversy as a problem for her should she decide to run for the White House? Will it blow over?

WALLACE: So far, it's more of a media problem than a political problem. It furthers the media narrative that the Clintons play by their own rules and think that records laws and transparency are for the rest of us, not for them. It remains to be seen whether this will become a political problem for her.

Q: Would Hillary Clinton – should she run -- benefit from a primary challenge? Do you see any Democrats actually posing a threat to her?

Q: Having been a part of the 2008 McCain campaign, what is one piece of advice you’d give to a Republican hoping to reach the White House this time around?

WALLACE: It's more important to be correct on the substance than it is to master the pace of the Twitterverse in terms of responding to controversy, so when things go wrong, shut off your phones, catch your breath and think before you speak.

Q: Sarah Palin has not ruled out a 2016 presidential run. Do you think she has any actual interest in running and, more broadly, what do you make of her place in the Republican Party?

WALLACE: I have no idea where her interests lie but she will always have a following.