Scott Baio Stumps for Trump at Republican Convention, Saying 'Make America 'America' Again'

Baio said that Donald Trump was not a messiah.

ByABC News
July 18, 2016, 8:38 PM

— -- Chachi loves Donnie.

Scott Baio -- known for his role on "Charles in Charge" and other sitcoms -- spoke at the Republican National Convention tonight to endorse Donald Trump, asking voters to "make America 'America' again."

Baio, an outspoken Republican for many years, gave a short, impassioned speech, arguing that "the things we hold dear are being attacked" and that Trump was the best person to keep the country safe from harm.

Baio said that Trump was not "a messiah," but rather "just a man who wants to give back to his country."

The actor also tried to define what America means to younger voters.

"It doesn't mean getting free stuff," the former reality TV star said.

Being American means "winning, sacrificing, losing, succeeding," Baio said.

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