Clinton to Visit Nebraska... Finally

K E A R N E Y, Neb., Nov. 29, 2000 -- For Nebraska, it may be better late than never.

President Clinton will complete his tour of all 50 states next week with a stop in Nebraska, the only state he hasn’t visited during his eight years in office.

Speech & Sightseeing

His visit to south-central Nebraska includes a speech at the University of Nebraska at Kearney on Dec. 8, Chancellor Gladys Styles Johnston announced Tuesday.

The president also will tour the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, a museum commemorating the nation’s historic trails that opened in June.

A White House official said an announcement about Clinton’s trip to Nebraska was expected Wednesday.

Former Sen. Jim Exon, D-Neb., a board member of the Great Platte River Road Archway Foundation, helped organize the visit.

“He said early that he would come to Nebraska and he kept his word,” Exon said. “I’m delighted he’s coming.”

Bragging Rights?

The state’s Republican Party faithful have relished the fact that the Cornhusker State is the only state that Clinton hasn’t visited as president. Republican Gov. Mike Johanns even bragged about it during the roll call at the GOP National Convention.

If Clinton doesn’t visit Nebraska, he would join James Garfield and Warren G. Harding as the only presidents not to have visited the state since Nebraska’s admission to the union in 1867. Both Garfield and Harding died before completing their terms.