Texas primaries will show 'tremendous' Democratic enthusiasm ahead of midterms: Former San Antonio mayor Castro

The possible 2020 presidential hopeful said Tuesday will be good for Democrats.

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“I believe that we need to focus on the folks who are on the ballot in 2018 and keep our eye on that. And then right after the midterms I’ll make a decision before the end of the year,” Castro said, “What I have to do during these next few months is get out there and get a sense of whether there’s a path for me.”

Tuesday is the first major primary voting of 2018, and will be a key barometer of Democratic strength in what the party hopes will be a wave year that sweeps them back into power in the U.S. House and Senate.

“There are three congressional seats that are targets: the 7th congressional district that John Culberson represents right now, the 23rd congressional district that Will Hurd represents, and the 32nd congressional district which Pete Sessions represents,” Castro said, “Each of them has a number of Democratic candidates that are good candidates in the primary and will likely send a strong Democrat up against those incumbent Republicans in November.”

"He’s taking on Ted Cruz, he’s beaten him in fundraising three out of the last four cycles," Castro said, "He’s closing the gap, and obviously I’d like to see a win. If that happens it’s going to be a very clear signal that Texas has made real progress.”

“I don’t know about the wisdom of taking that approach right now in that district,” Castro said, “Whether that ends up helping or hurting, of course the jury is still out. But I think it’s safe to say that the DCCC would be wise to be very careful about how many times it does something like that.”

"I always thought the furniture was fine," Castro said, "I’m not quite sure what led to the decision to replace it or to spend that much money to do it. It was a bad decision, it showed bad judgment. It really points out the hypocrisy of trying to cut $6 million from the budget to serve people who genuinely are working hard and need it out there for housing assistance, and at the same time making the secretary’s office as lavish as possible, that’s not what we’re supposed to be about in public service."

This is part of ABC News' "18 for'18" powerhouse political coverage of the 2018 midterm elections.