3 More Top DNC Officials Out After WikiLeaks Email Release

The staffers are the latest to leave after the email release.

Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned last week and today, DNC CEO Amy Dacey stepped down in addition to communications director Luis Miranda and CFO Brad Marshall.

Both Marshall and Dacey have been criticized because they were both on an email chain released in the WikiLeaks dump that seemed to question Sanders’ religion during the primaries as a possible way to undermine support among voters.

Dacey responded, “Amen.”

The news of their departures was first reported by Politico and confirmed in a press release from interim chair Donna Brazile Tuesday afternoon.

"I’m so grateful for their commitment to this cause, and I wish them continued success in the next chapter of their career.”

In the same statement, Brazile calls this election the “most important of my lifetime” and says the DNC will "continue to recruit top talent to help lead the fight to elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats across the country.”

Brazile is also appointing a transition team help the party during the general election and prepare for a permanent party chair.

Brazile is a former ABC News contributor.

Miranda couldn't immediately be reached for comment.