VP Mike Pence Did Not Ask Supreme Court Nominee About Roe V. Wade

An anti-abortion rights group praised Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination.

The vice president responded, “As someone who, like the president, cherishes the sanctity of life, that’s an important issue to me, as it is for millions of Americans.”

Pence told Stephanopoulos he spoke to Gorsuch and other finalists considered by Trump’s search for nomination to the high court.

“The president asked me to be a part of a small group that interviewed all the finalists for this decision. But what the president directed us to look for was someone who would be faithful to the Constitution,” Pence said.

Pressed by Stephanopoulos on whether he asked Gorsuch directly about the landmark Supreme Court decision that women have the right to have an abortion, the vice president responded, “I did not.”

“What the president charged us to do was to find someone who had the background, the experience, the unimpeachable credentials, the character, but also just to be faithful to the Constitution as written,” Pence said. “I'm confident that in Judge Neil Gorsuch, we'll have someone on the court who will keep faith with the Constitution.”

The anti-abortion rights group Susan B. Anthony List praised Trump's nomination of Gorsuch, calling him an "exceptional choice."