What New Yorkers Think About Their Values

Ted Cruz has some ideas. New Yorkers have others.

Even though Cruz never mentioned any names when taking shots at the state's “values,” the people “I was talking about are the liberal New York Democrats who have hammered this state,” he told ABC News this morning.

But when ABC News asked a random selection of people at New York's Grand Central Station today what they thought epitomized "New York values," their answers had little to do with politics.

They mentioned ambition and curiosity, also describing New Yorkers as energetic, accommodating, open and interesting.

Two people characterized New Yorkers as hardworking and fun.

"To attack [New York] based on some very close-minded views is just insulting," Rottenberger said.

"I mean, not that it's going to matter much, because I don't think he'll go far," Rottenberger said of Cruz.

"Do you remember during the debate, when [Cruz] started lecturing me on New York values, like we're no good,” Trump said. “And I started talking to him about the World Trade Center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody, our police, firemen, our everybody.”