An Ode To Abby Wambach

December 16, 2015, 12:37 AM

— -- When I think about Abby Wambach's last days with the U.S. team, I am reminded of her first days with the U.S. team. The 21-year-old came bouncing in, laughing, joking and, of course -- talking. An enormous personality matched only by her thirst for purpose. Because Abby didn't subscribe to external boundaries or predetermined molds.

If you had told her the sky is the limit, she would have asked, "Why is there a limit?" Not even a broken leg just before the 2008 Olympics or a broken heart just after the penalty kick loss in the 2011 World Cup final would change that mindset. She knew there was more -- simply because she demanded more.

And that is why Abby Wambach is so special. Not because she scored more goals than any man or woman in this great game. Not because she won two Olympic gold medals and a World Cup -- although that helps. Not even because her head alone is the seventh leading scorer in the world.

Abby is special because she is RAW. She is courageous. She is unwavering in her belief of the possible. Yes, awards and trophies are meaningful, but Abby's legacy is and will continue to be her healthy search for significance, not success.

Don't be sad to see her leave the soccer field, be glad her next great ride is taking off. Because two things are certain: It will be bold, and it will be better.

Consider yourself warned.

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