Odell Beckham Jr. Made One of the Greatest Football Catches Ever

The New York Giants wide receiver somehow grabbed the ball out of the air.

— -- Odell Beckham Jr. is a special football player.

The New York Giants rookie wide receiver showcased his talent during the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. Beckham, defended by Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr, raced toward the end zone. Quarterback Eli Manning fired from about 50 yards away.

As the pass came in, Carr grabbed Beckham’s left arm and jersey, trying to keep him from making the catch. The wideout wasn’t deterred, reaching backward – his right arm nearly parallel with the ground – and somehow snagged the ball with his fingertips, hauling in one of football’s most mind-boggling catches.

How did he catch the ball?

Following the incredible touchdown catch, Beckham stretched out his arms in celebration.

Beckham’s teammates swarmed him, honoring the accomplishment.

Video showcases Beckham's athleticism.

Beckham, 22, gained new fans with his incredible catch.

Beckham led all receivers in the game with 146 receiving yards, with two touchdown catches in New York's 31-28 loss to the Cowboys.