Running Man Battles Blisters, Bullets

Briton Robert Garside, on a quest to be the first to run around the world, has been attacked in so many countries that he almost expects it now.

Calling himself “The Running Man,” Garside is nearing the United States, where he plans to run from coast to coast. On his trek that began almost four years ago, he has been shot at in Russia, robbed in Pakistan, jailed in China and had guns pulled on him in Panama and now, in Mexico.

Battling Bullets

“Just outside Acapulco there was this long dark corner and I thought this would be a great place to rob people. Next minute one guy’s running at me with a gun and two others with knives and I thought, ‘Oh dear, here we go again,’” the 33-year-old told Reuters in a recent interview.

In Mexico City Garside bought his 26th pair of shoes before heading up Mexico’s desert coast to San Diego where he has television interviews lined up for mid-August.

It will mean running at least 60 miles a day. He already has covered some 30 countries since December 1996 and aims to run the length of seven continents and 42,000 miles by the time he gets back to London, sometime in 2002.