Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Says He Was Offered $200K to Fix a Match

Novak Djokovic called it a crime against sport.

— -- Match-fixing allegations are rocking the world of professional tennis, and the sport's top men's player said he was approached by people working with him to take part in the scheme.

Djokovic said he dropped out of the tournament instead.

"It made me feel terrible. Because I don't want to be anyhow linked to this kind of, you know, somebody may call it an opportunity," he said.

Buzzfeed News and the BBC jointly reported on documents they said were leaked from a secret investigation commissioned by professional tennis. The reports point to gambling syndicates in Russia and Sicily that whistle-blowers say repeatedly sought to fix matches and Grand Slam events.

Djokovic called it a crime against sport.

"For me, that's an act of unsportsmanship, a crime in sport, honestly. I don't support it," he said. "I think there is no room for it in any sport, especially in tennis."