TechBytes: iPhone Alarm Glitch

VIDEO: iPhone Alarm Not Waking Users
WATCH iPhone Alarm Not Waking Up Users

Many iPhone users may have set extra alarm clocks today.

An apparent software bug caused numerous iPhone alarm clocks to stay silent this weekend.

Apple said the alarms would work today.

But there are reports of malfunctioning alarms in Asia, along with missed flights and late arrivals at work.

Vizio Mobile Devices

Vizio is preparing to enter the mobile-device market with a tablet and a cellphone.

The company says both devices will have front-facing cameras, for video conferencing.

Twitters New LookPlay
Twitter's New Look

Vizio says its goal is to introduce affordable products with innovative features.

The devices are expected out later this year.

Nexercise Fitness App

And if you plan to exercise more this year, Nexercise is developing a new iPhone app for you.

Here's how it will work:

You give the app your workout plans.

The iPhone's sensors will look for physical activity.

If you meet your goals, you're rewarded with points that you can use for discounts.

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YouTube Goes Live

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