Casio Camera Phone Can Go Underwater

PHOTO The Casio Exilim is shown.Courtesy Exposure
The Casio Exilim is shown.

The Casio Exilim C721 camera phone can go where your digital camera probably can't: under water.

The unusual waterproof coating on this handset makes it a great gadget to take on vacation. It's a hybrid phone and camera that's both water- and shock-resistant, which means you can take it to the beach or on a hike up a mountain and not worry about breaking it.

Casio says this is a phone that can take a beating. Even if you drop it from up to 4 feet, it will survive unscathed.

The Exilim is a flip phone that twists 180 degrees to reveal a camera.

When you hold it like a camera, you have access to the photo-snapping functions located across the top. It's a 5.1-megapixel camera with optical zoom and an LED flash.

When you're done taking all those vacation shots, flip the phone back to call mode, sit back, and order room service.

The durable camera phone also includes a music player and is Bluetooth-equipped. For those who need their Internet fix, it also comes with an HTML Web browser.

The Exilim is available for $279 with a new contract from Verizon Wireless.