Mother's Day Gifts: High-Tech Gadgets Even a Low-Tech Mom Could Love

Gadget gifts for the home, garden and just for fun.

ByABC News
May 6, 2010, 4:06 PM

May 7, 2010— -- She may say technology isn't her thing, but there are some high-tech gadgets even the lowest-tech moms could love.

Whether her favorite moments are spent in the garden, curled up with a book or chatting with her nearest and dearest friends and family members, there might be a way for technology to help make it easier.

If you're still hunting for the perfect Mother's Day gift, take a look at these gadget ideas below.

Eye-Fi's 'Endless Memory' Card

For the mom who likes to capture every memory, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 might make for the ideal gift.

The new memory card automatically deletes images and video once they've been wirelessly uploaded to your computer to keep the card endlessly clear. So she'll never again lose out on a great shot because her memory card was too full.

The Eye-Fi also makes it easy to share pictures and video via websites like Flickr, Facebook, Picassa and YouTube.

Price: $49.99

Kodak Pulse Digital Picture Frame

If your mom has mastered picture taking, you might want to help her with the picture sharing.

Kodak's Pulse Digital Picture Frame makes transferring pictures to a digital picture frame as easy as sending an e-mail.

Each 7-inch frame has its own e-mail address, so whether you're on a mobile phone or at your computer, you can just take a picture and e-mail it to the frame, which can store about 4,000 images in its internal memory. You also can transfer image files to the frame from a USB drive.

Price: $129

Flip Slide Video Camera

Easy to use and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, Flip cameras are already a family favorite. But the newest version goes one step further.

After you use the video camera to capture video, you can slide back the screen to actually watch it.

The Flip Slide stores up to 12 hours of video and includes a flip-out USB arm to easily transfer files to a computer.

Price: $279.99

Once you pull it out of the ground and plug the USB end into your computer, it tells you all the flowers, shrubs and trees that are best suited for your environment.

The Web site has a library of 6,000 plants and works with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Price: $59.99

Sony Dash

Think of it as an alarm clock on steroids. Sitting on your bedside table or on the kitchen counter, the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer will tell you the time and so much more.

Using a Wi-Fi connection and more than 1,000 free applications, the Dash lets you configure the screen to display news, weather reports, social networking updates, music, games and all kinds of other information.

It also can serve as a digital picture frame or show you YouTube and digital home videos.

Price: $200

Skype Video Touch Phone

For the mom who wants to stay in touch with family and friends in far-flung places, the Asus Video Touch Phone provides an easy way to have free video chats without a computer.

A great device to keep in the kitchen, the touch-enabled phone uses the Internet phone service Skype to have face-to-face conversations anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

If both callers are using Skype, the calls are free, but you also can make low-cost calls to landlines and cell phones all over the world.

Price: $199

But this year, there are other options too. Barnes and Noble's Nook runs a version of the Android operating system and can support several different e-book formats, such as PDF, FictionWise and PDF.

It also has a 6-inch screen and weighs 11.2 oz. It is both 3G and WiFi-enabled and lets users connect to WiFi for free from any Barnes & Nobles bookstore.

Kindle Price: $259Nook Price: $259


It may be the tech toy du jour, but even the lowest-tech mom could fall in love with the iPad.

The newest device from Apple, the iPad makes it incredibly easy to relax on the couch and surf the Web, e-mail friends and family, watch videos and more.

It's a higher-ticket item, but if your mom is on the market for a new computer to meet basic needs, it might be a great alterative.

Without an on-screen keyboard, she can keep in touch with the ones she loves. She can take it with her on long flights and she can easily show off pictures of kids and grandkids. It's an easy-to-navigate device that could make computing fun.

Price: $499 and up