Michael Jackson by the Numbers

In death, as in life, he shattered records. Here's by how much.

ByKi Mae Heussner
July 05, 2009, 3:42 PM

July 6, 2009— -- Even in death, the King of Pop continues to shatter long-standing records.

From the moment the world learned the tragic news, the volume of people converging on the Internet was so great it nearly put major news, search and social networking sites out of commission.

In the following days, as fans searched for information, listened to music and exchanged memories, the online activity only continued to build, breaking records for Web site traffic and digital downloads.

"It was a global event. The impact was felt around the world at the same instant, a moment in time that led to absolutely everyone in the world going to the Web," said Peter Cashmore, founder of the social media blog Mashable, about Michael Jackson's death.

Though other celebrities died that week, none had the same international appeal as Jackson, he pointed out.

"That's what kind of pushed it over the edge," Cashmore said. "For a moment at least, it put a strain on the Web."

As fans continued to mourn and celebrate the star, the impact on the Web continued to reverberate out to every corner of the Internet. Here's a look at the numbers that tell the story.

Traffic Generated by Interest in Jackson Strains the Web

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