Viral Sensations Antoine Dodson, 'Double Rainbow Guy' and Others to Star in Movie

PHOTO Andrew Fischer, the CEO of Colorado-based marketing company NURV, has recruited Antoine Dodson, "Double Rainbow" guy Paul Vaszuez and a handful of other Internet personalities to star in a feature film-length movie "The Chronicles of Rick Roll."PlayCourtesy Andrew Fischer
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They already made it big on the computer screen, so can YouTube's viral sensations succeed on the silver screen?

Producer Andrew Fischer thinks so.

The CEO of Colorado-based marketing company NURV has recruited Antoine Dodson of the "Bed Intruder Song," "Double Rainbow Guy" Paul Vasquez and a handful of other Internet video personalities to star in a feature film-length movie called "The Chronicles of Rick Roll."

As meme-watchers may notice, the name of the movie refers to an infamous Rick Astley Internet prank. But Fischer said the movie itself is no hoax -- there is indeed a real script and the actors are indeed getting paid.

"The movie will be not what people are expecting at all. ...Granted the title makes people a little wary of being pranked," he said. "It's not going to feel like a spoof movie. ...It certainly will be humorous, but more in an ironic sense."

Fischer declined to disclose details on his "epic comedy," which he hopes to release in theaters once a distributor signs on. But he emphasized that the movie is legitimate and was written with his cast of YouTube sensations in mind.

In addition to Dodson and Vasquez, the movie features YouTube greats Ben Schulz ("Leeroy Jenkins"), Brian Collins ("Boom Goes the Dynamite"), Stephen Quire ("Greatest Freakout Ever") and Gary Brolsma ("Numa Numa").

"They're playing themselves, more or less, but different versions of themselves than people are used to seeing," he said.

Dodson: This Is 'Biggest Project of 2011'

"This is like the biggest project of 2011," said Dodson, who is also taping a reality show.

He said he'd already been thinking about what it would be like to band together with his YouTube brethren when the movie fell into his lap.

"They sent me like a piece of the script and I read it and I was like, oh my god, this is going to be so epic," he said.

Like Fischer, Dodson declined to share information about the film's plot, but said that shooting the movie with other Internet stars has been a riot.

When he met "Double Rainbow" star Paul Vasquez, who goes by the nickname "Bear," he said, "I was like what is going on!? ...This so amazing."

YouTube Stars Swap Stories, Spoof Each Other

Production of the movie is ongoing, and Dodson said the viral video stars swap stories about their post-YouTube fame and even spoof each others' most famous Internet lines. ("Freak Out Kid" Stephen Quire's brother does the best "Bed Intruder" impression, Dodson said.)

"We had fun, we kicked it... we ate together, we talked, we laughed, we shared experiences," he said.

Though a short trailer is making the rounds online, the movie still has a ways to go before it reaches a theater audience.

Fischer declined to say when he hopes to release the final product, but said a longer trailer (which will tease even more of the movie) will hit the Web in the next week or two.

For now, he said, the key is to build buzz around the movie, to turn his cast members' 15 minutes of fame into millions of fans at the box office.

Dodson believes the movie is bound to be a hit. "The reaction is going to be like never before. ...It's going to be goofy and crazy," he said. "Basically it's like we all get together, we join together in this one movie. You know, everyone is fighting for something. We're fighting for the Internet. ...It changes lives, and we are the spoken and living witnesses."