Seagull With Camera: The Viral Video That Kept Everyone Guessing

Camera company says the viral video was not a publicity stunt.

July 5, 2011— -- A YouTube user uploaded a video of a seagull snatching his video camera and flying around Cannes, France recording the majestic scenery. The video went viral.

Although many believed this video was real, others have been outspoken on the Internet, claiming the video is just another ad for GoPro wearable cameras.

One commenter, "Donsenormax," suggested finding the person who uploaded the video. "Lets interrogate him! Where and how did you get this footage?"

A YouTube user, "303cell," wrote, "I don't know if it's fake or not, regardless, it prompted me to check out the camera at Best Buy. Nice definition under low light and great sound. Seems fishy though...."

Regardless of who posted the video, it has proven to be a great ad for GoPro. But back to the original question – did GoPro pose someone as a tourist and shoot a viral video ad?

The video ads on the GoPro website are very similar to this one. Both show limbs, skis, handlebars and wings peeking into the frame to give the viewer perspective.

ABC News wrote the YouTube user who uploaded the video to verify its veracity and received this response:


It was on the Cannes castle, I was there with my friends. I wanted to shoot seagull, i didnt expect that seagull grab my camcorder and fly away. The bird flew basically just around the corner. On the video it seems that it fly realy far, but is it just the efect of fisheye.

So I ran around the corner, and there on castle wall i saw some seagull, but in that moment i didnt know if is it the seugull which stole my camera. I climbed on the top an there i found my gopro. I have also a full lenght 8 min. video of this story but 5 minutes its just the view on the sky.

Sorry for my english :)

Even then, we were not convinced.

GoPro's Director of Communications, Rick Loughery, finally tried to solve the mystery for us.

"We did not set that up and we had nothing to do with that other than being stoked to see that," he said in a phone call with ABC News. He said GoPro has delayed making a response because they're having too much fun watching the controversy on the Web.

Loughery said the original shooter of the video, Lukas Karasek, contacted GoPro for a camera. Loughery said GoPro will probably send him one, because the company encourages amateur filmmakers to shoot, shoot, shoot.

And still, 25 seconds prior to the time this sentence was written, a YouTube user commented, "FAKE!"

Sorry, bloggers. The game of Viral Video Clue is over.