Hinge Dating App Makes It Easier to Come Up With an Opening Line

Hinge will help people who match find something to talk about.

— -- You're on a dating app, you match, but what do you say to stand out from every other potential suitor?

Hinge, a dating app that connects users to friends of friends and allows them to swipe right if they're interested and left if they aren't, is rolling out a new feature today that will make it easier to craft an opening line that will spark your match's interest.

When two users match, Hinge will let them know the rarest experience they most have in common -- providing the perfect ice breaker.

"I think that dating is all about finding a connection, some mutual interest or shared experience," Justin McLeod, founder and CEO of Hinge, told ABC News. "We're trying to really help people get to that level as quickly as possible."

When Hinge tested the feature, McLeod said the average user answered approximately 120 questions in their first week. The questions will always be there, he said, and people can answer as few or as many as they want at any given time.

"We'll probably continue to change the questions up, add new ones, even timely ones such as 'Have you seen a movie that just came out?'" McLeod said.