London Mayor Boris Johnson 'Techs Out' New York City

Before his meeting with Hillary Clinton, Mayor Boris Johnson talked tech.

February 11, 2015, 3:19 PM

— -- The United States has Silicon Valley. Our neighbors across the pond have the properly British Silicon Roundabout.

Boris Johnson, the American born mayor of London, was in New York City today to discuss the city's booming tech scene and how American and British companies can collaborate in his city, which he called the "digital capital of Europe."

More than half of the $1.4 billion invested in London technology firms last year came from investors in the United States, according to figures from Johnson's office.

The mayor, who was born in New York City and lived in various American cities until he was 5 years old, told ABC News that he isn't a "brilliant manipulator of apps" but has a few on the two phones he carries -- one is a BlackBerry, the other, an iPhone.

After speaking with ABC News, Johnson was off to meet with Hillary Clinton. No word on whether he used his BlackBerry, iPhone or a good old fashioned land line to arrange the meeting.

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