No long walks and cleanup required for Sony's new robot dog

Man’s best friend has just become more bionic.

— -- Man’s best friend has just become more bionic.

“We were thinking companions, we were thinking how do you take on artificial intelligence and bring emotion to people’s lives,” Fasulo said. “Look at them, they’re adorable!”

The robotic dog can form an emotional bond with members of the household while providing love and affection. No cleanup required.

Besides its adorable appearance, the robotic dog possesses a natural curiosity, vibrant movements and a responsiveness to its owner. It will even develop its own unique personality through everyday interactions as it grows closer and closer to its owners. And just like a real life dog, it may or may not respond to an owner’s request.

This robotic dog will also be able to actively seek out its owners, detect words of praise, smile and let its owner pet and scratch it, allowing the dog to learn and remember what actions make its owners happy.

The robotic companion comes with the “My aibo App,” which is designed to help owners enjoy life with their “aibo” by providing support and convenience, access to photos taken by the dog as well as a feature to play with a virtual “aibo” inside the app. The app also features a store where users can add additional tricks to their “aibo.”

Sony said the dog will require an “aibo” basic plan subscription necessary to utilize the dog. The plan will allow users to access information stored on the cloud, and will also allow users to be able to back up the dog’s data periodically.

This mechanical take on man’s best friend will cost roughly $1,700 and is now available for pre-order.